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end and beginning.

Here I am, almost finished with a graduate degree and starting a job search like an adult! Since May, I've been working on my thesis project, and with any luck and a lot more work, I should be done in October. I'm pretty excited about the project, which involves video, animation, and a little illustration, all wrapped up in a tidy little interface. The whole ball of wax will be delivered on a data DVD that one could pop into one's computer. It teaches surgical staging of endometrial cancer - basically, how to get lymph nodes out. I think it could be a really important aide for doctors learning how to do this properly and I'm excited to get it marketed and distributed when it's finished.  How, I'm not yet sure but we'll get to that later.

I've started looking at jobs, although only seriously looking at those in Dallas for now.  I don't want to move away in the middle of the thesis project.  If I take a serious interest in an out-of-town position, it will have to be a job that can be filled in November or later.  What a very exciting and wide open time for me!  It's a lot to think about.  I'm looking forward to settling in somewhere.