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medical illustration brownies

How to make a delicious treat out of your everyday artwork! The artworkStep One: Pick out an illustration you could re-create in two or three solid shades. Think black, gray, white (or brownie, powdered sugar, more powdered sugar). Don't steal illustrations! It will be more fun if you use your own. (To be serious, for edible at-home projects, you can do whatever you want, but otherwise, try to develop the habit of getting permission in writing before you use someone else's copyrighted property.)

BacksideStep Two: Print out two copies of the work. Use paper with a little weight, like a flight itinerary you've accidentally printed on 44lb photo paper.


Stencil #1Step Three: Cut around one copy of the image. Cut out any bright white highlights that are important enough to keep. (These should be bigger and bolder than mine, to really show up.) This is your first stencil. It will give you the overall shape.

Stencil #2Step Four: On copy #2, take a sharpie and draw on any details you want black (brownie colored). These might be outlines, shadows, arteries... You will be cutting these out as well, so the important thing here is to make sure everything is connected. After you have picked out the dark areas, go back and connect with extra lines if necessary. Cut cut cut, using scissors and exacto knives as needed! I found myself widening some areas in the cutting - I had made them too delicate with the sharpie.

Take a breakStep Five: Place your two stencils in a sketchbook and flatten under stacks of anatomy books overnight. Rest your hands. Do some yoga. Eat something healthy, because tomorrow you're going to have a pan of delicious brownies. Go to sleep.

BrowniesStep Six: Make brownies! I used this delicious recipe by Elizabeth I found online. I added a handful of semisweet chocolate chunks, melted and mixed into the batter. Usually I use melted chocolate to decorate tops of things, but not this time.

First SprinkleStep Seven: Cool and decorate. Do you know the best way to evenly sprinkle powdered sugar? I don't! I took some clean tulle fabric, folded it a gajillion times, plopped some powdered sugar in the middle, and rubber banded it into a pouf. It worked pretty well, but if you have an actual method, use that. Place your first stencil on the brownies and sprinkle. Use your fingernails or a couple of forks to lift the edges, and then very carefully remove the stencil, trying not to spill powdered sugar. Gently place your second stencil, lining up the design on the brownies and sprinkle until you get a mid-tone. Again, be careful when removing the stencil.

Second SprinkleStep Eight: Don't breathe or sneeze! Stretch plastic wrap tightly over the pan.