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hello again, blog!

I write from a new part of the country with a newish job and a new fiance! Here's what's going on: In Jan 08 Clint and I moved to Newton Upper Falls, MA and I started working as a full-time medical illustrator for Argosy Publishing. I have really been enjoying my time there - how many people get to draw all day long, and draw anatomy at that? The east coast has taken some getting used to, but it's very charming and we have had some wonderful times, especially outdoors. wedding shoes!

Over Labor Day weekend, Clint proposed to me at my parents' house in Michigan. "About time," most people said, but it was the perfect timing, and very sweet. We will marry next September in Lansing, Michigan and then live happily ever after.

To back up a bit, I DID finally finish my thesis in March and I graduated from UT Southwestern in May. I am a diploma-carrying-Master-whatsit! I hope to become a CMI, Certified Medical Illustrator, and will be working on that over the next couple of years.

Currently, my outside-of-work project is a Holiday Art Sale of sorts! I have been painting since the beginning of October and now I just have to finish up and post the rest of my work. I've set up on online shop on etsy, and I'm pretty excited about the "opening" of my sale - it should happen in the next few days! After the holidays, I'll keep putting new work up, probably one piece at a time. Painting over the last month and a half has been SO good for me in every way, so I'm thinking I should do my best to continue.

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