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cans for comments!

This is a bit of a different post. I'm asking you to leave me a comment. Any comment will do! Is this because I need to feel less alone in the echoing halls of cyber-space? Well, maybe a little. But mostly this is a way to raise food for hungry peeps. For every comment I receive between now and January 10, I will donate a can of food to my local food pantry! I did not come up with this myself, and I am thrilled to join in the community of artists trying to do a little good. Please check out my awesome photographer Anne's blog (she's doing my wedding next year) for a list of other participants - you can leave comments for them too! - and also to see her great work! I suppose I'll start with this can, shown here posing as an art supply. Out you go, Mr. Organic Chicken Noodle.

soup can