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Peek inside the life of a medical animator and illustrator.

“biocommunications multimedia specialist” = me

In February I moved back to Texas with Clint (and of course Ed the cat).   We are now in McKinney, which is a bit north of Dallas, and I work as a medical illustrator at Orthofix.   I’m in the marketing/communications department doing illustrations and animations.  It’s my first time in marketing and my first time with a medical device company too!  The work is fast-paced as always, but a more internally driven kind of fast-paced, and the focus – marketing and documenting the stuff we sell - is different than anything I’ve done before.   My subject matter almost always involves bones, since we make orthopedic, spine, and bone stimulation products.  

McKinney is much more of a fit for Clint and I than Newton, MA was.  The Boston area was fascinating and great to explore, but did not suit our thrifty ways!  Other things we like about Texas are the wide open spaces, warm weather, and friendly people.  And McKinney has a lot of green trees too.   In one year we will be moving again (!) a few miles down the road, because Orthofix is getting a new building.   We’ll try to buy a home in that area.  I never thought I'd be a Texan - and loving it - but I guess I am!