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on house-hunting

Saturday Clint and I started looking at houses in person.  We are looking in the area of the new building site for Orthofix  - my company will make the move in 2010 - since I am in love with a short commute.  This is only about 20 miles away from our current location, but it's too far for me.  

We are getting serious fast and would like to make an offer soon.  This means picking out a property ASAP and coming up with the cash to close.  An insight into our determination:  we have agreed to NO eating out until we close on a home - probably at least two months of this!  In addition we will need to pick up some extra work and sell some extra items/artwork.   

I am restocking my etsy site and will be painting a few new pieces to put up over the next weeks.    Art for downpayment money!!  You can't beat the feeling of brotherly love that comes free with every purchase.  

 baby bird in the city