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Last night we slept in our new house for the first time! We moved during the day with the help of my friend and co-worker Allison, and the big things are all in their places. The kitchen was the hub of the move and is now full of boxes. I am sore and tired but very happy.

The home is peaceful, warm, and relaxing. I love the bathroom which will be very spa-like. We are going to make a yoga space too. I am hoping that having it set-up and ready will encourage us to practice more. That might not happen, but at least when we DO practice it will be in a nice environment.

Artwork and other ventures will occupy the office along with the work-desk. There is a guest room (which will have a guest-air-mattress for now) and a guest bath, a nice living room, and a garage. Yay covered parking! I think that's about it! Looking forward to beginning all the little projects that go with our new house!