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Like everybody, I have quite a few things I'd like to do this year (be healthier, read more, decrease debt...) but I'd like to share the more creative ones with you here. I'm an artist. I want to remember to enjoy being an artist each day, and go beyond what my business or career requires me to do. 1. Play my guitar. I've gotten it out and tuned it, and it is now on a lovely stand staring at me, ready to go. It's been a couple of years since I gave it any real attention.

2. Paint. I'd like to create a couple of new collections of work to show.

3. Work on the anatomical LEGO© show I have planned with Clint and Dave.

4. Cook creatively with fresh ingredients. Try some new ideas.

5. Sketch and journal more often! Document life using stick-figure comics and share these with friends and the world. Yay! Ok, I'm ready to get started.

My good luck painting for moving to Texas

What about you? How will you bring art into your life this year?