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client contact tracking

Clint and I just came up with an awesome system for tracking and recording client info. It's not some fancy software that we bought - Clint built me an Excel spreadsheet with tons of categories for updating things like client status (are they a lead or have we quoted them or signed them?) and how they found us. I had started out by using a typical digital address book but there wasn't room set aside for this kind of important info. I need to be able to "pull a list" based on a variety of factors, such as whether I sent them a brochure, and keep notes on our conversations. I hear that spreadsheets are great until you have 1000 clients and then they can get unruly, but you know what, I will re-evaluate when I have 1000 clients. Meanwhile, this seems like a great way to actually keep track of my customers and not let anybody fall through the cracks. The benefit of a spreadsheet with everything in a separate field, of course, is that I will now be able to sort my data and see how many quotes turned into sales, or how many of my customers found me by accidentally stumbling into my home office on their jog through my neighborhood. marketing contacts excel database for tracking clients

I plan to enter one new lead per day, at the same time I contact them to let them know what we have to offer. This should get me in the habit of actually using the sheet. I know it does no good if the data is only on post-its all over my desk. Don't worry, the data will ALSO be on post-its all over my desk. But I promise to put a lot of info on one piece of paper and recycle them after data-entry!

I will be testing out this new system over the next months and adjusting it til it's just right. Meanwhile, if anybody wants a blank copy to help you brainstorm about your own system, let me know. Next up, we are creating a new Job Log.

Edit: link to the blank file here! MarketingBlank