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june 5 is art day!

In just one month on Sunday, June 5, I will be hosting an art day for medical illustrators, medical animators, medical graphic designers... pretty much anybody who is in biomedical visualization and can make it out to The Colony, TX (north DFW, between Plano, Frisco, and Lewisville). We'll have at least one live model to draw from, and I'll probably set up a still life or two around the space. What else do we need? Easels? Wine? Paper? Anatomical models? Cameras? I think we can come up with an awesome day. Personally, I just want to get off my butt and draw. When was the last time I drew standing up? It's been a while.

Please share this with any medical illustrators you know in the Dallas area, or who might be visiting Dallas. The event will be free! Schedule TBD - I'd say block off 11am-5pm for now. For more info you can always call me at 214.734.8182

A very special thanks to my splendid company, Shoemaker Medical, for helping out with the event.